Why I Am A Feminist

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It's been a while and I apologise. However today is International Women's Day and when I woke up this morning, I knew I needed to put this out there for everyone to see.

It was about two and a half years ago that I began identifying as a feminist. I have always been extremely passionate about social issues and for so long I got nervous about the word 'feminism' because yes, there is a negative stigma around it. As soon as I started being more vocal about it things really changed. Friends started asking if I was going to grow out my body hair like "those extreme feminists" others asked if this meant I believed women were better than men! Others just stopped talking to me. The biggest one though, people trying to tell me that feminism is no longer needed, that feminism is not a movement about equality and that I should be identifying as a 'humanist' not a feminist.

So today, I am going to share as many reasons I can think of as to why I am a feminist.
  1. Women are shamed for dressing minimally and can be criminally charged for not wearing a shirt, however it is completely fine for man to do just the same thing. 
  2.  Women who explore their sexuality are frowned upon
  3. Young boys are told they can't play with 'girls' toys or wear 'girls' clothes however it is slightly more acceptable for girls to play with 'boys's toys and the tiniest bit more acceptable for them to wear 'boys' clothes
  4. Women are STILL paid less than men for doing the EXACT SAME JOB
  5. We teach girls how to prevent rape instead of teaching people not to rape
  6. Because sometimes a movie's rating depends on how much a female appears to be enjoying sex in a certain scene. 
  7. When a man has sex with multiple women he is a hero but when a woman has sex with multiple men she is a slut
  8. Because we use the term "man-whore" to differentiate between the two ^
  9. McDonald's still asks us if we want a "girls toy or a boys toy"
  10. Because the words bitch and pussy are used to describe weakness in our society. 
  11. Because men are told to "Grow some balls" or "Stop being such a girl"
  12. Because infanticides, the act of killing children within a year of birth, can be attributed to millions of fewer females than males in Middle Eastern countries
  13. Because it is still Illegal in some countries for women to be educated AND in April of 2015 276 Nigerian girls were kidnapped by a terrorist groups simply for receiving education!
  14. FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION IS STILL HAPPENING! This is the act of cutting off and restitching female genitals to prevent pleasurable sex and it can happen to girls as young as 5 months old AND it is still practiced in 29 countries!
  15. Men should not be emasculated for being a nurse, or a teacher or a hairdresser or a dancer!
  16. Because when I was sexually assaulted when I was 13 (yes THIRTEEN) I was told it "didn't matter because he is your boyfriend, he can do what he wants". And no, he wasn't my boyfriend and yes I still deal with issues that stem from that experience 8 years later. 
  17. We still ask what the victim was wearing, if they were drinking and what sort of behaviour could have provoked the assault. 
  18. Rape in marriage is not classed as rape
  19. Because men who are raped or assaulted are not taken seriously or told the "should have enjoyed it"
  20. Women and girls are refused multiple medical procedures such as abortion and having their tubes tied because apparently it is still more important for us to give birth than anything else.
  21. If a woman (and in rare cases men too) doesn't want to settle down and have a family they are looked down upon by the rest of society.
  22. Women's appearance is ALWAYS under a microscope
  23. Women experience fear and terror walking alone at night, and even in broad daylight
  24. In domestic abuse cases people ask "what did she say" instead of "why did he abuse"
  25. Because domestic abuse against men isn't taken seriously
  26. Because in homosexual relationships we try and identify a man and woman in their relationship instead of just seeing two lovers
  27. Not everyone can marry who they love
  28. In some countries young girls can still be married off and have no choice, their childhood is stripped of them
  29. Sweatshops
  30. Child and Adult slavery still exists
  31. If I don't shave my underarms or legs I am dirty, and if a man shaves his legs he is 'girly'
  32. It is socially acceptable (and even expected) for women to wear makeup and take pride in their appearance, but frowned upon if men do the same. 
  33. It is also frowned upon if women wear 'too much' makeup
  34. In some countries women are jailed for decades for having a stillbirth
  35. Most women can't walk down the street without being verbally harrassed simply for being a woman
  36. Statistics from a study in 2010 show that only 12% of all board directors, 10.7% of executive managers are female and only 3.5% of CEO positions in Australia are held by women. 
  37. Because men in politics believe they have the right to make decisions about womens bodies
  38. Because of these phrases "it's not rape if you don't say no" and "it's not rape if you like it"
  39. Because we make RAPE JOKES
  40. We still have people skinny shaming, fat shaming and shaming everything in between because women are just made to feel like they are never enough
  41. Frigid and friend zoning are words we use on the regular to attack people's right to say no
  42. Gender based violence kills 1 in 3 women in the world and is the biggest cause of injury and death to women worldwide, causing more deaths and disability among women aged 15-44 than Cancer, Malaria, traffic accidents and WAR
  43. Women perform 66% of the worlds work but only receive 11% of the worlds income
  44. Women head 83% of single families
  45. Even though women account for 55% of all college students it does not translate over to economic opportunities or political power
  46. Because in some countries such as China, parents sometimes use sex determination tests to determine if the foetus is a girl. Of 8,000 foetus's aborted in a Bombay clinic, 7,999 were female.
  47. 3 out 4 fatalities of war are women and children
  48. 75% of refugee's and internally displaced in the world are women who have lost their homes and families
  49. Because sex work is seen as the lowest point in someone's life
  50. Because people are scared of the word feminism and think it doesn't stand for equality simply because it is based on the word feminine,
  51. Because I still have to explain why I am a feminist
There are so, so many reason why I am a feminist, and these are just touching the surface! But my most personal reason? I want my younger brothers to be whatever they want to be. To dress however they like, without feeling ashamed of it because others might call them a girl for it. I want my brothers to FEEL OKAY with not being sporty and to not be called weak simply because they can't do what "all boys do". Because if God forbid, they are ever assaulted or suffer domestic abuse, I want them to be taken seriously and given every single bit of help possible. 
I am a feminist because I want everyone I love and care about to feel safe in this world, to be granted equal opportunity. To express themselves without being afraid of what others might say or do. 

I am a feminist because all of humanity matters. 

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  1. I love 36. There aren't enough female CEO's. There also aren't that many women working in warehouses, as bin men, in the army or in cleaning the sewers. What women want is special treatment. They want the top jobs and they want to be helped to get the top jobs. The fucking cheek of you people is disgusting!

    1. Your comment is invalid. The lack of women as CEO's is because of gender prejudice. Men are not warehouse workers and bin men because they're male. They are those things because of socioeconomic class or choice. I love how you mention there aren't that many women in the army. Up until the late 1970s women weren't allowed to join the army in Australia because of their GENDER. Sexism is real. We don't want "help to get the top jobs" we want the same opportunities to get those jobs as men have. The fucking mentality you have is disgusting! Take a seat.


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