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Recently I discovered an interesting Australian store called You & Bamboo. It's a boutique family owned business run straight out of Cabarita Beach, Northern NSW. They stock a range of eco-friendly bamboo products, which are made from high quality bamboo grown naturally within organically farmed bamboo plantations.

"Contradictory to what some say, we chose bamboo as our key product range as it is one of the most sustainable resources around. As a fabric, bamboo is anti-bacterial, breathable, temperature regulating and offers UV protection. Add the superb softness of the fabric and its hard to deny the beauty of bamboo products"

Since sustainability is something I am passionate about You & Bamboo really stood out to me and I knew I definitely had to grab a few things to try. The first, their make-up brush set.

Anyone who knows me knows how OBSESSED with make-up brushes I am. I love getting my hands on a new set, I love the ritual of washing and drying them. Sometimes you'll even catch me brushing them across my face just because they feel so soft and luxurious on the skin. Well let me tell you, I have gotten a great first impression of these brushes. They are unbelievably soft and have washed well, with no shedding (YAY). The range of brushes is really good too, a good set for someone who isn't brush obsessed like myself as you could create quite a few different looks with these. I adore the natural handles and they feel great in the hand as well. I will probably do a more in-depth review on these once I've had more time to use them.

Next I picked up some ADORABLE bamboo baby socks. Those following me on instagram know that I'm currently expecting my first child at the end of November. I actually only ordered three pairs but due to a delay with my order they sent me a fourth pair and I'm so grateful! The colours are beautiful and after washing them they still are extremely soft.

Next up we have one of their toothbrushes, I didn't order this but it's a nice addition and I'm really excited to try it out! Since becoming pregnant my gums have become extremely sensitive. The bristles on this toothbrush seem to be quite gentle so hopefully this can become my new toothbrush until the sensitive gums go back to normal.

I would like to thank the You & Bamboo team for their excellent customer service and getting my package out to me so quickly.

If you'd like to learn more about You & Bamboo and the products they have to offer you can check them out here.

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