Top 3 Tips for Fashion on a Budget

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When you are on a low income and a fashion/style lover it can be a bit overwhelming trying to build your wardrobe when everything costs so much these days! Well I'm happy to share with you all a few tips which happen to be how I manage to afford new clothes when the budget has little wriggle room.

1. Op Shops / Thrift Stores

Most towns have at least one Op Shop/Thrift Store and they usually have a section for all the clothes that get donated. In cities it can be a bit harder to find ones that aren't pricing their items a bit high, or that have a good range of clothes, but adventuring through different suburbs and compiling a list of the good ones really helps! Endeavour Op Shops are usually priced the highest, often they get donated all the stock that retail outlets haven't sold, or that have a couple of marks on them that are easy to remove. A few years ago, a small Endeavour Op Shop in a small town had a bunch of clothes from Zara! There was a Zara rack where everything was $5 an item, absolute score! I managed to get some amazing items that day for a really affordable price.

2. Clearance & Sale Racks

The first thing I do when I go into a retail store is look for the clearance racks. So many times I have managed to grab awesome items at literally the tiniest fraction of the original price. Late last year as we headed into Summer I got a jacket for $15 that as originally $80! In fast fashion stores you can often still get items on clearance that are still good for the Season you are in because they change up their stock so often.
After I go to the clearance racks I check out the sales racks or the racks that have deals like buy one get one free and so on. In stores that aren't fast fashion, this is often how I get new clothes for the relevant season as its much more affordable than buying the items that are full price.

3. Clothing Markets & Suitcase Rummage

Clothing markets are mainly held in cities (at least I haven't found many outside of the city) but suitcase rummages seem to happen almost everywhere. There is a really amazing market here in Brisbane called Wardrobe Warriors and I 100% recommend it for everyone. Last month I managed to get a couple of 'fill a bag for $10' that I stuffed with some great things. There were also baby clothes at some stalls for $1 each or less! From what I hear, this month is set to be a blast so if you are based in Brisbane make sure you go check them out! Wardrobe Warriors also donates all gold coin entry fees to charity which I think is absolutely awesome. Another great clothing market in Brisbane is Boudoir Bazaar which is more concentrated on pre-loved designer label and vintage clothes.

So there are my top 3 shopping tips when it comes to fashion & a budget. I hope it helps!

What is your top tip for fashion on a budget? 

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  1. Great tips! I'm going thrift store shopping tonight! :)

  2. Great advice! Want to go shopping ASAP. Thanks!

  3. Cool tips: Mine tip is go between sales at shops. Sign up for email alerts.

  4. These are outstanding tips for online shopping lovers. When you shop online, you share personal data. Be careful with your address and credit card number. You should choose a trusted and reliable online shopping site.


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