Bloggers United Kris Kringle Swap

9:30 pm

Well, the Christmas Season is truly upon us and about 2 weeks ago I was reminded of this when my Bloggers United Kris Kringle Blog Swap arrived. This is my first year participating in their swap and I am so happy with it! Last year I looked on at all the cool things everyone got from their mystery partner's and knew I just had to be involved. I love surprises and I love discovering new people so it was a lot of fun.

 First up, I seriously want to know how @beautyandthingsbysarah knew to get me that soap from The Body Shop! The Body Shop's strawberry scent is literally my favourite scent in the whole world and as soon as I saw that I was instantly happy. I still haven't used it so I can just keep smelling it every day!

She got me a couple of other things which you can see in my above Instagram photo but my next favourite would have to be the pink Santa hat embroided with "my first Christmas" that she sent along for my daughter Evelyn who was born just last month.

Let's move on to what I got my partner!

I was lucky enough to send some awesome things to the lovely +Kimba from Kimba Likes
I sent her a collection of my fave beauty products from Klara Cosmetics, The Harvest Garden, Kosmea and BOE Beauty - along with a card I made! I'd love for you all to go an check out her blog because it's such great quality and a wonderful read. You can check it out here.

Have you done a Kris Kringle Swap? I'd love to hear all about it! 

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