Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood: Part One

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So for those of you who follow my Instagram you may have noticed something this year. I've been pregnant and very recently had a beautiful baby girl! It's been a difficult year due to having a difficult pregnancy and today I'd like to share the whole experience with you. Here's part one for your reading pleasure xx


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The day I found out I was possibly pregnant was the day before I competed in the grand finals of the beauty pageant Miss Diamond Australia. I had been sick for at least over a week by then. Originally I had seen a GP the week before who said I just had a virus. Well a week later I was still sick and desperate to be better by Saturday for the pageant so I decided to book in another appointment with a new doctor. Again, originally they thought I still just had a virus and the doctor stressed how important it was I ate. Pregnancy didn't cross his mind until I said "but how can I eat when literally the smell of everything makes me vomit?" and that's when I did the test. Do you know what day this was? April 1st - April Fools Day! So of course I thought he had to be joking when the P word left his mouth. But of course he wasn't, he was a professional! He prescribed me some anti-nausea medication so I could actually eat and try and get through the weekend. For me though, it was so important that I got to the grand final of Miss Diamond Australia! I missed the little get together the Friday night where all the contestants met each other & I missed the first half of the day Saturday where everyone learnt the entrance routine and began getting ready. But I eventually made it and had an amazing time!

The next thing I had to do was break the news to my parents. Goodness me! The terror I felt about it was unbelievable. Despite the fact I have amazing parents who would support me through absolutely anything I just felt absolutely terrified that they would be disappointed in me. My mum was a young mum, she had me at 19 and I just thought she would be extremely disappointed in me since I knew how difficult it can be being a young mother. But both my parents were absolutely amazing.

On the Monday I had an ultrasound which confirmed I was indeed pregnant, 6 weeks and 5 days to be exact with an estimated due date of 23rd November.

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