The Doll Connection - December 2016 Event

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Well, here we are! It's a brand new year which means lot's of new adventures ahead. But before I can share any new adventures with any of you I need to catch you all up on a few things from the end of last year. Today I'm going to tell you all about The Doll Connections main Brisbane event for 2016.

For those of you who don't know, I'm the founder of a fun event for bloggers, youtubers and social media influencers called The Doll Connection. Our aim is to connect content creators with each other and brands, businesses, services, events and initiatives that correlate with their content in hopes that they can learn things to help with their platform, don't run out of topics to create content about and of course can network like crazy!

Our second annual event for Brisbane occured on December 18th and it was great.

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The event started pretty relaxed, we got everyone to try some amazing products from our main Sponsor Racinne. Each attendee also received a goodie bag from Racinne with SO many full sized and sample products in, it was amazing.

Next we moved onto an interesting session of panels. Myself and Annalise (our QLD state representative) moderated the panels. We covered three topics which I feel were really beneficial to everyone who attended, these were
1. Developing Dynamic & Like-Worthy Content
2. Working With VS Working Without a Manager
3. Diversity, Representation and Equality in the Industry.

Our Panel Speakers were Kodi, Amber and Thom (if you click on their names you can see what they do!)
Throughout each panel topic I'd look out to all the attendee's and see so many people furiously writing away all the amazing points our panelists made.

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After our panels the next thing on the agenda was a short runway stint by Brisbane swimwear brand Kahlari Swimwear.

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To finish of the event (well, aside from dinner) we had some networking time and some awesome local businesses set up. We had Julisa doing fabulous nails on our attendee's, Garnish With 24K showcasing their stunning gourmet chocolates and we had The Lip Lab Brisbane who gave away a few lippies and samples to everyone.

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And finally, every single attendee went home with over $300 worth of goodie's and vouchers!
Here's my snap of what we got.

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We have heaps of events coming up this year and I just can not wait to share them with you all.
Until next time,

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