Four Reasons I Use Cloth Nappies

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When I was pregnant with Evelyn I got really overwhelmed by so many things. All the different options for literally everything when it came to having and caring for a baby. So naturally, disposable nappies VS cloth nappies came into debate and from there - traditional cloth nappies VS modern cloth nappies. It didn't take long for me to decide we would go on the Modern Cloth Nappy route. So why did I decide MCN's were our best option?

1. MCN's are much more affordable (so long as you only purchase the amount you NEED rather than the amount you WANT because they are so damn cute!).  I calculated that if we used disposable nappies from birth - toilet training we would spend approximately $3000! Where as if we used MCN's we would spend approximately $1000 from birth to toilet training including costs of detergent and water for washing. So affordability was definitely up there on the pro's list. The initial cost seems high but when you weigh it up against long term costs of disposables it is crazy that you save so much!

2. MCN's are so much better for the environment. This image in particular really made it click in my mind.

The amount of landfill disposables create for ONE child for just ONE year is simply INSANE! Not only are you preventing that amount of landfill each year for your one child, but if you care for your cloth nappies properly you can use them for future children or sell them second hand and prevent even more landfill! There are a lot of arguments that MCN's aren't any better for the environment however a study at UQ in 2009 (Life Cycle Assessment: Reusable and Disposable Nappies in Australia) came to the conclusion that MCN's are indeed better for the environment! The amount of water used to produce and clean MCN's is LESS than the amount of water used to produce disposables. So by using MCN's we are being a lot kinder to the environment which is a big positive for me.

3. MCN's are kinder on the skin of your baby. The first week of Evelyn's life, and a few other random times when washing nappies was difficult (moving house for example) we used disposable nappies. Every brand we tried she broke out in awful nappy rash. She has seriously sensitive skin so the gentlness of the fabrics of MCN's and the added benefit of using sensitve detergent means her skin doesn't react. You can feel it yourself when touching a disposable nappy and a cloth nappy. The cloth nappy feels so much nicer on the skin.

4. MCN's are CUTE as can be. The brand of modern cloth nappies we use are Designer Bum's which come in so many amazing designs. We have a combination of cotton and PUL by Designer Bum's. Don't they just look so adorable?

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We have now been using modern cloth nappies for around 8 months and have no regrets!

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