Miss Diamond Australia 2017

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In April of this year I competed in Miss Diamond Australia for the second year in a row. I had an amazing time and thought it was about time I shared the experience with you all.

Miss Diamond Australia is a beauty pageant that stands out from a lot of beauty pageants. They celebrate the beauty and diversity of every woman and have no age, weight, height or size limitations. This year entering for me was the key to getting me back into a positive body image mind set. I always find entering pageants and modelling competitions somehow make me feel so much more confident. After having a baby this was something I truly needed so I entered and competed!

This year Miss Diamond Australia introduced a new round - the sports power round and it was a lot of fun. I couldn't do too much due to still recovering from a c-section but it was great. Everyone was of all different sporting abilities so it didn't really feel like a competition.

On the Friday night we had the ice-breaker party which was themed 'Diamond Ice'. I was lucky enough to have this dress as well as my two dresses from the finals sponsored by J. & R. Formal Boutique who I highly recommend! Rita is amazing and made what little time we had to put together outfits stress free.

The dress for the ice-breaker party was hands down my favourite and I felt like a princess.

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Grand finals day has to be the most exciting and blurry day you experience.
You rehearse and then spend the afternoon getting ready. I did all my hair and makeup myself which made time particularly important.

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The first round on the night after the opening is the charity round. This is when you get to speak about your chosen charity. I was so shocked I did as well as I did with this. In school I was never great at public speaking but it came so naturally and I was barely nervous.

The next round is fun fashion which is nice and fast paced! I got to wear this gorgeous black and gold dress for this round.

And finally was the evening wear round which is my absolute favourite round! I got to wear a gorgeous black sequin dress. 

I made amazing friends by entering this pageant and got a huge amount of condifence back! And that's the best thing I could have asked for.

And even though I didn't place I was lucky enough to be awarded Most Beautiful Character. 

A few thanks you's need go be said. Firstly, Charlie and Morgan than you so much for once again putting on an amazing pageant. Miss Diamond Australia is definitely a wonderful pageant system worth supporting, celebrating the beauty in everyone! I know it must have been stressful and so much work. To my wonderful sponsor Rita from J. & R. Boutique in Redcliffe; each of my dresses were wonderfully made and I felt great in all of them! I don't know what I would have done without your extremely hard work, especially finishing the dresses only Friday morning and pushing through the floods! Thankyou so so much! To my favourite charity Starlight! Thankyou for letting me continue to represent you, fundraiser for you and spread the word about you. I will continue to support Starlight for as long as they let me! To everyone who came and supported me. You all are amazing and having you there helped me so much! There's nothing worse than being on stage with no one to look out to and I'm so glad that I had each of you to look to. And to everyone who wasn't there but supported the journey in one way or another, thank you so much. I had a blast and I will be back next year ;)
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