Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood: Part Two

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After confirming I was indeed pregnant with an ultrasound it didn't take long for me to continue to be sick. The few vomits a day started increasing until it got to the point I just couldn't even keep water down. I went to my doctor who had by now put me on Zofran/Ondansetron and got sent straight off to the hospital where I was diagnosed with Hyperemisis Gravidarum. I was then admitted into hospital for the week and received IV Fluids and anti-nausea drugs to try and allow my body to eat and drink. By the end of the week I could eat a small amount of food and drink a small amount. I was discharged and sent home but within a few days I was back in hospital.

Here is a scrapbook layout my mum did of photo's of me at my first hospital admission

This time in my pregnancy was the hardest. I couldn't walk from my bedroom to the bathroom without passing out. I felt so weak and I ended up losing 25Kg in the first trimester and didn't put on any weight until I was around 27 weeks pregnant.

By 11 weeks pregnant I had developed an allergic reaction to Maxalon so could only take the zofran/ondansetron.

I stopped being so sick at around 26-27 weeks but continued to need the medications to get through each day.

If anyone is pregnant and feels like they are going through more than the normal morning sickness I urge you to reach out for help! I am always more than happy to talk to anyone on my Facebook Page or Instagram who needs it.

So that's all for my Part Two of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood. Part Three is next, and all about my Baby Showers!

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